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The pricing as outlined and as it appears on this website is a starting point, but is not limited to the $200/hour or $400/hour (you will see these amounts when you schedule an appointment).  

When you book an appointment we do not want anyone to believe that the total costs of services may be only $200/hour or $400/hour.  Also there are times we could offer a special discount or pricing structure for a specific project or service that is not reflected on our site.  You will be apprised of what to expect once you schedule an appointment.  When you book an appointment and pay the upfront fee, that amount MAY BE substracted from your costs.  But this is not guaranteed.

Pricing has a starting point, but actual costs will be determined after an interview and assessment have been performed and the services have been determined.  Total costs are totally dependent on our findings once we have been able to establish the appropriate solution.

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